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5 of our favourite Ignite Cardiff talks

Over the last few years, we’ve been fans, sponsors – and on a few occasions, even speakers – at Ignite Cardiff. We watched this free, inclusive public speaking event trend on Twitter every month, and become a regular fixture in our city’s creative events diary. These days, it’s one of the hottest tickets in town.

On March 8th, a one-off event called Ignite Cardiff Deluxe will be held at the Wales Millennium Centre. We’re delighted to be sponsoring this extra-special version of Ignite, which will welcome more than 1,400 people to one of Cardiff’s most iconic venues to experience its unique charm. It has also given us the perfect excuse to take a look back at some of our team’s most memorable Ignite Cardiff talks from the last couple of years. And so in no particular order, here are a few of our favourites…

 1. Suzanne Hoare: Life in 19 Words
“This was one of the most memorable Ignite talks I’ve been to, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room. It very simply detailed a powerful personal journey, triggered by a life tragedy and resulting in a complete change of direction for the speaker. It was stripped back and personal without having that air of oversharing which I can find a bit annoying.”
– Anna Olive Hartt, PR Account Director.

 2. Sheri Hall: Political Economy within the Jeremy Kyle show
“Our ex-colleague Sheri was always teased for her love of the Jeremy Kyle Show (and the man himself!) but her Ignite talk ignored the shock factor of the guest’s stories and instead shared some interesting insights and facts about how the programme has become so successful.”
– Emma Stephens, Office Manager (a.k.a Queen of Everything).

3. Carlos Alonso: The 4 Venezuelan Horsemen
“At my very first Ignite talk back in October 2016, this heart-wrenching talk by Carlos Alonso had a profound effect on me. I like to think of myself as a fairly well informed person but I had no idea that this kind of situation existed in Venezuela. It really reminded me that we all need to acknowledge that the information mainstream media provides us doesn’t encompass everything that’s really going on in the world.”
– Hannah Lindsay, Advertising Account Executive.

 4. Ben James: Tim Westwood, and how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb
“This was one of those hilarious Ignite talks which just sticks out in your memory. Ben ended up being a bit of an Ignite regular, doing three more talks after this one, but this was his first and the one I always think of when anyone mentions him. It is a bit sweary, so viewer discretion is advised!”
– Amanda Bunn, PR Managing Director.

 5.  Ed Locard: Shit the bed! There are actual maggots where his face should be!
“This is the talk that always sticks out in my mind. The speaker wasn’t able to use his actual name or reveal his identity due to the nature and sensitivity of his job in forensic criminology. In parts, the content and subjects discussed were fairly shocking, but ‘Ed’ was  able to explain them in a relatable and engaging way. His job is incredibly important in helping prosecute criminals and it was so interesting to get a glimpse of the work that he does, and the fascinating (if graphic) world of forensics. Very enjoyable talk, but be warned this video contains some sensitive content!
– Jacob Mussa, Media Senior Account Executive

And finally, make sure you check out this one from our very own PR Senior Account Manager and unashamed shopaholic, Liz Griffiths!

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