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At Golley Slater, we believe the most creative, effective campaigns come from original thinking.

Mitsubishi Motors

Outlander PHEV TV Campaign

In a rapidly growing segment, the one thing that other plug-in hybrids aren’t able to say is that they are leading; this idea formed the basis of our 2017 Outlander PHEV campaign.

We devised a sixty second advert which was shot on location in Cape Town. A team of us travelled to South Africa and joined a crew of 80 for the production of the film which is set in an ethereal, fantasy world. Glimpses of hybrid creatures can be seen watching the Outlander PHEV as it drives past, before bowing down in recognition of their new ‘leader’. The music in the advert is taken from ‘Geisterfahrer,’ a track from the album of the same name by John Matthias.

The TV campaign is supported by a broad media mix including digital, print and social media.

We’ve worked with Mitsubishi Motors for 17 years, having previously launched the Outlander PHEV in the UK in 2014 and the follow up campaign in 2015. Our activity has helped Mitsubishi become the fastest growing car brand in the UK for three years running.